Under construction.

In between the times that I write on here, I am almost always trying to think of a topic for a new blog post.  The only problem with my current idea for this blog is this: as a new writer, I don’t really know enough about writing professionally to offer much advice on that topic.  However, I can write book reviews… and I can ramble about tea. 😉 I also have found that I enjoy writing about topics that are relevant to me and my studies (see last post for an example), so I may incorporate more of those into this blog as I run across topics in my classes and side studies.


I am passionate about writing, though, so I am sure that there will still be posts about writing, my WIPs, what I’ve recently discovered about myself through my writing, and other things of that nature.  I am also considering doing more book reviews on this site, more in-depth than the reviews I write at Goodreads… so there may be more of those in the future, somewhat as fillers for the other blog entries/articles that I will be working on.  I want to eventually get to a point where I update this blog regularly, perhaps twice or three times per week, just to keep myself on the tips of my writing toes, so to speak.  However, right now, I am just working on figuring out who I want my blog audience to be, and what I want to write about.


Thus the title.  This blog is currently under construction… but I will be continuing to update it as I figure out just what kinds of things I enjoy writing about. 🙂


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