An update!!

So I’ve been thinking about some things that I could do with this blog – so many possibilities out there!! – and I’ve come up with a couple of ideas.  Hopefully I will be able to implement one of my devious plots starting next Thursday.  In the meantime, within the next few days I will be making one (or more) posts with recommendations for books to read.  The top ten post I wrote the other day didn’t even come close to covering my favorite books, so I think that I shall do book recommendations every few weeks.  Maybe I’ll designate a day when I can do that, so you guys know what to look for (or what to avoid, depending on what you like reading here ;)).  I won’t do ten books at once, since that takes far too long (and probably gets a bit annoying to read) and doesn’t allow me to go in depth with writing about the plot and what I enjoyed about the book – I want to be able to do mini book reviews or something along those lines.


So I guess you could say that this blog is still under construction, but it’s starting to all come together.  I will also write some about my WIPs as I work on them more – they’ve been woefully abandoned these past few weeks, due to personal circumstances (and horribly difficult papers to write for grad school), but hopefully soon I shall be able to get back into the swing of writing a little each day.  If I could do it for NaNoWriMo, I can do it for other months too. 🙂


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