Top Ten Tuesday. :D

From The Broke & Bookish blog, here comes this week’s Top Ten.  Are you ready?


Top Ten Books to read when you need something light and fun.


Ooh, this one might be a toughie… we’ll see. 😉 I’ll do as many as I can, at least, even if I can’t hit ten.  I don’t have a lot of books or series that I reach for particularly when I need something light and fun – usually it’s me just delving randomly into my Kindle collection for something that sounded lighter than my average reads are.


1) The Aunt Dimity mystery series. – These are guaranteed to be fun, light reads.  I have only read a couple but I do truly enjoy them.  Lori, the main character, is a fun one, and while she’s a bit over the top, that’s just part of the fun of the series.  And I mean really, could you turn down a book whose clever detective’s mind is a journal that belonged to Lori’s “Aunt” Dimity many years ago?  Aunt Dimity is long dead, but she still writes to Lori in the journal and points her in the right direction when Lori’s trying to figure things out.


2) The Borrowers – This classic children’s book, as well as its sequels, are very comforting for me to read.  I’m not sure exactly why; I think just because of the writing style, and the fact that it’s from an era whose children’s books (Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, etc.) have been very enjoyable and comforting.  Perhaps some of my childhood memories attached to the book?  I don’t know.  But – it’s a story about tiny little people who live under the kitchen and make all sorts of interesting uses for commonplace items.  I think that as well as the illustrations always drew me to this book.


3) The Sisterchicks series. – This is a Christian chick lit series, and would probably only be enjoyable for those of y’all who are Christian out there since there is a fair bit about God etc., in them, but I enjoy them quite a lot.  They’re not “quality literature” but they are fun.  Each book is about a different set of women who go somewhere out of the US for some reason – usually a celebration of some sort – and have a lot of different adventures and escapades.  Fun books, definitely!!


4) The Yada-Yada Prayer Group series. – Once again, a Christian series, and one that I haven’t read in quite some time, but I remember the books as being quite comforting.  The group of women who get together for a prayer group each week is quite diverse, and this series goes through different seasons of their lives and their struggles and victories.  I actually really need to reread this series, because just thinking about it makes me happy inside. 😉


5) The Mitford Years series. – Jan Karon’s masterpiece. 🙂 I loved these books ever since I first discovered them when I was… oh, twelve or thirteen? I think?  Father Tim is such a lovable character and Cynthia is remarkable as well, and Ms. Karon’s depiction of country life is definitely cozy.  There are escapades and mishaps, of course – what series would be complete without them? – but the books resolve each tense moment quite well and each of them ends on a positive note and can almost be read as a standalone novel.


6) The Mrs. Pigglewiggle series. – Also a children’s series from the 1950s or so, I remember this series as being quite side-splittingly hilarious, and I really need to reread these as well. 🙂 Ah, so many good books that I want to read as well as books that I want to reread!!


7) The 44 Scotland Street series. – By Alexander McCall Smith, these books are excellent for times when you need to relax but you only have a few moments.  The chapters are short, the characters lovable, and the plots of each book exciting enough to keep the reader intrigued, but not exciting enough to not allow the reader to put the book down.


8) The Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency series. – Also by McCall Smith, these are excellent books to read before bed.  Mma. Ramotswe is such a lovable character, and the mysteries her Detective Agency try to solve aren’t tense ones, so the books are relaxing to read.  They also flow in such a wonderful manner as well as read quickly, like most of McCall Smith’s work.  I highly recommend both this series and the 44 Scotland Street series for unwinding sorts of books – for anyone, really. 🙂


Okay, I think that’s about as many as I can come up with, right now at least.  If I can think of the last two, I’ll edit them in later.  Also, know that these books are in no particular order.  I love McCall Smith’s books just as much as I love the Aunt Dimity series (if not a little more, but shh, don’t tell Aunt Dimity that!! ;)).


Thanks for reading!! ~ What are your top ten?


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