Throwback Thursday!!


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Half Magic is a book about four children and their adventures during one very memorable summer.  I reread this just recently, after having remembered that I do in fact own all 7 of Edward Eager’s books… when I was younger, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I did this time through, which is kind of surprising, but I think that sometimes as children, we tend to miss some nuances in books, even if they are written specifically for children, as this one was.


The four siblings in this book – Jane, Mark, Katharine, and Martha – find a coin that grants half a wish each time you wish on it, so unless you wish for double of whatever it is you’re wishing for, you end up with some very interesting results.  I think that that was a very clever idea of Mr. Eager, since I haven’t run across any other fantasy books that have that as a premise.  A coin that grants wishes, sure, but not one that does it by halves.  I grinned at several parts of this book, which is probably the equivalent of most people laughing (I rarely, if ever, laugh out loud at passages of a book unless it’s by P.G. Wodehouse or similar).


I’m definitely glad that I went back to reread Half Magic.  It’s a fun little story, one that carries you away from all of your current problems, into an entirely different world.  I highly recommend reading this when you’re ill or if you need something light and fun to read that doesn’t take a lot of thought to get through.  It brought back fun memories, too, of me as a kid reading it and getting frustrated by Martha (the youngest), who always seemed to get the short end of the stick, so to speak.  As the younger child in my family, I could empathize with her, I suppose.


Anyway, yes.  Pick up a copy if you feel like breezing through a funny, lighthearted story.  Eager’s writing is warm and welcoming, and the children are thoroughly likable.  Even the adults in the story are likable, which is unusual for a children’s book – or so it seems, anyway.  😉 I’m definitely glad that I chose to reread this, though.  I will be rereading the rest of Edward Eager’s books in the near future, so keep an eye out for reviews/memories of them. 😀


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