Brooklyn Girls, by Gemma Burgess

5/5 stars.

At the beginning, and even until about halfway through this book, I was unsure whether or not I liked it. There’s a lot of drinking, some drugs, and a fair amount of casual sex – none of which are things that are particularly down my alley, either for doing or for reading about. But the ending… man, the ending!! I loved it. It was all tied together so well, and it was such a feel good ending, that I can’t help but rate it 5 stars.

Pia is a lovable character. Sure, she has her flaws – and a lot of them – but that is what makes her so relatable and lovable. She’s feisty, innovative, interesting, funny, intelligent… so many more good things – but she’s also more than a little flighty, impulsive, and reckless on occasion. Combined, these characteristics make for a very human protagonist, which is not something that is always there in YA novels. Pia’s character has depth, and so does the rest of the crew with whom she lives.

My one problem is that this book is being marketed as a YA novel, when – in my eyes – it is not one. It’s more along the lines of chick fic for college-age and up. Nothing about this novel screamed that it would be relatable by teenagers, the majority of whom are still in high school. This novel was about five girls in their early 20s, finding their first jobs and getting settled in New York City. I don’t believe that many teens would really be able to relate to any of the situations in which Pia found herself.

All in all, though, a very enjoyable read.

Many thanks to St. Martin’s Press via Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.


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