I’m still alive!!

So, readers, I apologize.  It has been a good while since the last time I updated – almost 2.5 months!! – but I am still here.  I’ve just been lax about updating, but certainly not lax in other areas of my life.  This semester finished off nicely grade-wise for the courses I was taking, and I am reveling in my few days of freedom in between getting internship hours and holidays and family time. (Not that I don’t love my family and love our get-togethers!!)

The most exciting thing that has happened since I last updated is that I have returned to writing poetry.  I wrote avidly as a teenager – I mean, what emo teen doesn’t? – and took some poetry writing classes when I was in college, and while I kept up with writing it for awhile, I stopped creating probably in 2011 or shortly before.  I am now in a writer’s group that meets weekly, led by my mentor (and retired poetry professor), and I have connected with some amazing women.  The group is small – only 7 of us total, counting my mentor – and it really is like therapy some nights… but with some wonderful writing getting critiqued!! 🙂

Because of this, I am getting into some international poets’ works, such as Czeslaw Milosz and the well-known Pablo Neruda.  I love American poets too, but there’s just something about international poets that I find extra inspiring – I can’t really explain it except their views on life are even more varied than those that are here in the States (and there really is a lot of variety to be found in these 50 states!!).

Holidays have been busy as well – and that has taken away from my writing and reading time.  Christmas was wonderful, spent with my amazing parents and fun-loving sister (who is visiting here from “down South” where she’s getting her PhD).  New Year’s is also my husband’s birthday, but I am fairly certain that we won’t be celebrating it, at least in the traditional sense.  I am trying to do what he wants rather than what my traditions demand, which is harder than it sounds!!  Hopefully, though, we can at least have cake and sparkling grape juice to celebrate on New Year’s.  I’m pretty sure he would be amenable to that.

Because of life events, I have not had much time to read.  My NetGalley books have fallen by the wayside but right now I am so tied up with other projects that it is difficult to pull myself back into the reading and reviewing world.  I will eventually, I am sure, but it will take a bit.  I’m currently reading Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, and you guys, that books has all the feels in the world.  It’s like The Fault in Our Stars all over again, except I don’t know the ending of Eleanor & Park, obviously, since I haven’t gotten there yet.  I’m about 45% through the book… so good.  I can’t wait to read more of Rowell’s novels.  There’s something so satisfying about finding a good YA author.  Additionally, it makes me happy that her books aren’t dystopian novels, since those seem to be the hype these days, and I am not particularly a fan. (Okay, so I love The Hunger Games, but aside from those…)

Long enough, my friends.  I will try to be more prompt about updating in the coming months, but with an internship plus two classes, I am kept pretty busy.  I am hoping that with summer will come some semblance of relaxation, though that is a long ways off yet (and between now and then, I need to figure out how I’ll pay for summer’s classes…).  I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday!!


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