So it’s 2014!!

What are you all looking forward to in this year, still so new that it is squeaking as each day passes?

I know I’m looking forward to a lot of things.  Fall will be “the beginning of the end” – my final year as a grad student.  In about a year and a half, assuming everything goes as planned, I will be graduating with my MSW.  I am so excited about this.  It feels like finally maybe my life can begin – I mean, I know that it has begun and is going on all around me right now – but I haven’t ever had a job in the field that interests me.  Also, we are being hammered with adult things like bills – but without the fulfillment of having jobs we love.  Hopefully that will happen in 2015.  But that is still a year off yet – I was asking you guys what you’re looking forward to this year, and I need to answer my own question!! 😉

I’m looking forward to summer – who doesn’t, especially with the temperature having been as low as it has been (-35’F was logged in a town near me with windchill), and all of the snow/rain, depending on where you live.  But summer – besides being a time of warmer temps and sunshine – is also the only time in the next year and a half that I won’t have an internship to go to, and the only time that I’ll be taking one class at a time instead of two.  So, presuming that things this summer go like they did last summer – online classes, namely – I will have more time to read!!  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the internship I am currently at, and I am looking forward to having a more clinically based one in my final year, but it is also nice having a break from all of the structure.

And books!!  What books are you guys looking forward to seeing published in 2014?  I have to admit that I haven’t really been keeping up with what is to be published this year, but I do know that Winter by Sierra Dean is being published this month (!!!) and I really want to read that, since it’s the sequel to Autumn, which I read and reviewed here sometime last year.  And I also want to manage to get my hands on a copy of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (even though that was published last year, I believe) since I so adored Eleanor & Park.  I’ve also heard that Courtney Summers is a good YA author, so I should probably try some of her books as well, if I am going to be dipping into YA more. (I love the genre – it makes me feel younger, which is usually welcome. :D) Also, I want to read more of Sarah Dessen books that I own. 🙂

More immediately, I am looking forward to the return of writing group. 😀 It starts the second week of classes, but man, I have missed the women in it, including my mentor.  It will be good to be back.  I just hope I can make myself do the edits on some of my poems, since I currently have a sheaf of scribbled on copies of poems that I brought to the meetings last year (how odd to say that when I just mean last fall…) to be critiqued, sitting on top of my defunct printer.  I don’t want to lose those poems, because I want to make sure to edit them, obviously, but for some reason I am finding it very difficult to just sit down and work on editing them, although it would certainly be easier than sitting here and agonizing over losing the sheaf.  I am such a strange person, sometimes.  My husband would agree, for sure. 😉

Now, your turn.  What are the top 3 things you’re looking forward to this year (if you can narrow it down so)? 😀


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