Hmm… suggestions? and other things.

I have been trying to figure out which YA author I should try next.  I mean, I have several books by Sarah Dessen left to read, and in fact, just picked up one that I had started last July then lost amidst stacks of other books (I tell you, our apartment is cluttered!!), but I do want to try other authors that are out there.  I also am in love with hard copies of books right now, although I know my husband isn’t keen on me buying more books that will take up yet more space in our apartment… so that will have to be considered.  Kindle books I can manage, though.

So, the authors I am considering: Courtney Summers, Maggie Stiefvater, Cassandra Clare (I have read City of Bones and am working on the second in the series, but I’m not sure if I should try a different series too/instead?), and Veronica Roth.  I’m sure there are others of whom I am just not thinking right now, but those are the main ones in my head at the moment.  And of course, if you have any suggestions, I am definitely willing to see about trying them!!  There are so many YA authors out there that come with good recommendations, that sometimes I don’t even know where to start. (Even though right now I have over a thousand books on my Kindle, and probably over a thousand books lying loose in the apartment, so I am not in any dearth of things to read!! [My Kindle books are about half YA, my paperback books are probably only about 10% YA.])

There have been several interesting developments in the life of April lately.  Well, not really in my life, per se – more so in my brain.  Expanding horizons.  I am so excited to graduate in a year and actually be in the social work field, rather than just a student – there are so many interesting things going on right now in terms of policy changes (and they’re not good policy changes, either, but they inspire growth on the part of social workers as well as critical thinking).  It’s sad to think how these policies will be affecting my current and future clients (I do have a few clients now, as an intern) – mostly my future clients, but I daresay that some of my current ones will be feeling the backlash at some point.  I have enjoyed stimulating discussions with my field instructor about one of these policies – I forget its name (it’s only part of a bill about Medicare/Medicaid) but it basically is giving federal right to involuntarily commit people to psych wards.  I am not entirely sure the point of the bill – in what I read about it, there was some mention of a “doctor fix” as well as how this would help Medicare/Medicaid in the long run, as well as how it could stop mass shootings etc. by getting people care they need, but it was pretty unclear how that all tied together.  The criteria for involuntary committal is still the same it always has been.

(And, by the by, involuntary committal, also known as “302ing someone,” has not been shown to actually be effective at helping people.  They’ll take meds while they’re in the hospital, maybe – if you’re lucky – but once they’re released, it’s not likely they will keep taking their medication.  So.  The fact that that bill passed with such speed through both the House and the Senate was a little disconcerting.)

Anyway, so that’s been some interesting things going on right now for me.  Thinking about this, discussing how I would advocate against bills such as these, discussing how I would advocate for a client for whom a 302 may be imminent… stuff like that.  Very interesting – to me, at least.

The last bit of news: only 4 weeks until my second year of grad school is over.  I can’t believe it is going by this quickly. (I also can’t believe that this blog is over a year old now!!) There is some uncertainty about what I will be doing this summer in terms of classes, since there is A Thing I may have to do for my health in the first summer semester that will prevent me from taking a class, but I have spoken with my adviser and she said that I can always double up on courses in summer 2, even though that is not advised, just because of the workload. (The only other option is for me to wait until spring 2016 and travel 1.5 to 3 hours to take the integrative seminar course at a different campus, since it requires that I have taken all of the courses to date.  I do not want to do this for obvious reasons.) Anyway, so if you guys could keep that in your thoughts/prayers it would be awesome!!  Just that everything works out somehow.


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