I’m back! (Sort of)

Well, here I am, posting briefly before my busy day begins.  I just wanted to say that no, I haven’t fallen off the radar — at least, not entirely!  Things have been super busy in my life.  My last post was on 28 June 2014, so let’s see what’s happened since then:

– I took two online classes at the same time last July-August, due to the Extended Vacation™.  Although my grad school’s administration were worried that those classes would be “too rigorous” for me to handle taking them both at once, I got an A in one and an A- in the other.  Don’t get me wrong, those were 6 weeks of me working very hard, but it was enjoyable. (The classes I took were Assessment & the DSM, and Emotional Disorders of Children and Youth.)

– I started and finished my (VERY LAST!!) fall semester ever, and got a 4.0 for both classes.

– I took a break from reviewing books for NetGalley (which is one reason why I haven’t been posting here!), because I’ve just been too busy with grad school to be able to devote as much time to the books from NetGalley as they deserve. (I am planning on going back there, though, once I graduate.)

– I started an internship — one that will go until May — at an agency not too far from me that has a ton of different services, from outpatient counseling to family therapy to partial hospitalization for kids.  The program in which I am interning is the one for kids with behavioral struggles.  I shadow a mobile therapist and I also have a caseload of two.  The internship is 300 hours/semester, so by the time I finish in late April I will have racked up at least 600 hours working there.

So yes, that’s been my life!!  And now I’m on the final semester of grad school — which is insanely hard to believe — and hopefully will be posting more than once every 6-7 months.

Also, the agency where I’m interning wants to hire me — assuming I don’t screw up in the next 2-3 months while I finish up my internship — so that is really exciting.  Although it’ll only be part-time (ha, “only”! my field instructor is technically only doing 21 hours/week there but she’s so busy), that’s fine with me.  There won’t be any benefits but depending on the number of clients I have, I can definitely make enough for us to live on until my husband graduates with his Bachelor’s (expected graduation May 2016, I believe, or possibly December 2016).

But, since that social work job will “only” be part-time, I’m thinking of seeing what other things I can get involved with in the area that would be fun and interesting and possibly pay a bit.  However, that’s a discussion for another post…

Book reviews will be forthcoming too — at least, I hope!  I’ve been reading a lot; I met my GR challenge of 75 books last year so this year I’ve bumped it up to 100.  So far I’ve read 14 so I think that’s a pretty good start… *grin*

Oh — and since today is Tuesday, later I may attempt to do a Top 10 Tuesday post.  Or it might end up being a Throwback Thursday post, considering that I’m pretty busy the rest of today.  Cheers!


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