Love in a Time of Monsters – Teresa Yea.

Many thanks to Broken E Publishing, via Netgalley, for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review.


I’ve just finished this book (as in, literally 3 minutes ago I put it down), and I really, really enjoyed it. The characters were perfect in their imperfections; I can’t remember reading a book where there was such a comparison of light and dark, good and evil, in the main characters.

Rob, the main character, was really the only one out of the main four characters (Rob, Cat, the doctor, and Liam) who was truly good. The others all had very distinct phases of being good, being evil, etc. It was fascinating to see how Yea pulled that off.

Things I loved included the setting of the book (how can you not enjoy reading about a serial killing monster that lives in the fae-dark woods in the wilds of Scotland in the 19th century?); the flashbacks that Cat had to the ill-fated trip to the Congo; and how realistically addiction was portrayed throughout the novel. I also really enjoyed the truth about who Rob really was. The last thing I loved is more of a writing thing: the parallelism between a semi-calm scene and a more violent scene, using the exact same wording. Example:

…In reply, the lad passed a hand over the last bell jar and the copper wires ignited into a small explosion.


An explosion mushroomed in the forest, backlighting the interior in a wash of flames. Through her spyglasses, Cat watched…

The only thing I didn’t particularly like about this book is that there were a lot of sexual overtones and innuendoes that I think could have been removed without really hurting the overall storyline. I mean, yes, the readers get that Rob is attracted to Cat. Why do we need to read a discussion about his penis in the actual book? (Yes. That did happen.)

But that is my own personal bias, and obviously it didn’t bug me terribly much.

Definitely recommend, and definitely will be looking for other books by Ms. Yea!


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