Killing Secrets – Dianne Emley.

Many thanks to Random House Publishing Group – Alibi via NetGalley for an opportunity to read and review this book!

4/5 stars.

Unlike a lot of thrillers, Killing Secrets had a very personal aspect to it, and although this may not be some people’s cup of tea, I really liked it. It made the protagonist, Nan, seem much more human and vulnerable, than books where there is very little personal detail included.

I enjoyed reading this book very much; it was a very active book, in that something wasalways happening and there was very little time spent reading dialogue. Yes, there were some sections that were heavy on dialogue, but in my opinion, those were necessary. (For example, the second to last chapter was fairly heavy on dialogue but that was because the loose ends were being tied up.)

I do wish that I had read some of the previous Nan Vining mysteries, since there were a few slight references to other cases that she solved (or helped solve). However, there was not reliance on the reader having read all (or any) of the previous novels in the series;Killing Secrets stood on its own fairly well.

Definitely would recommend to anyone who is interested in mysteries/thrillers with personal twists. The only problem with it was that — for me, at least — it was difficult keeping all of the names straight, since there were a lot of different last names used when discussing the Pasadena PD as well as victims — but sometimes the first names would be used. I’d be scrambling, trying to remember who “Jack” was, and would end up having to flip back a few pages to remind myself. But aside from that, it was a very enjoyable read!

Will most likely check out other books in this series. Yay for a new thriller author to keep my eye on!


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