The Heartbreakers – Ali Novak.

Many thanks to Sourcebooks Fire, via NetGalley, for an opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review!

4/5 stars.

This book really wasn’t what I was expecting. Then again, I don’t really remember what I was expecting, exactly, so that’s not a statement that means very much. šŸ™‚ However, it’s definitely not a typical book about rock stars and how they live their lives. Nor is it a stereotypical book about a girl falling in love with a rock star.

What made me really enjoy The Heartbreakers more than I would have otherwise is the fact that Stella hated their music. It sounds like the type of music that I would hate as well (I’m not very much into pop boy band stuff and never have been).

I also liked how real the boys in the band are, throughout the book. They act like… well, typical teenage guys. They treat each other like brothers — complete with the practical jokes and the arguing that generally settles into calm after awhile — and I really liked seeing how they related to each other.

The one problem I had with it is that Stella is just starting with photography and hasn’t even really taken lessons or studied it in any type of class or anything along those lines. I have a friend who is a professional photographer, and she’s been working on perfecting her style for literally years. Stella is 18 and just picked up photography as a hobby what, a year or two ago? — when Cara was first diagnosed with cancer. And the Heartbreakers are a world-renowned band. So why did they ask Stella, who has had no professional training and who hasn’t even been working full-time on developing her photography skills, to be in charge of their blog and tour photos? I’m not saying that someone who is naturally talented at photography couldn’t create good pictures without professional training, but it just seems unlikely that a world-renowned band would want to hire someone with no professional experience or expertise. Granted, Stella does question this very same thing at various points in the book, and I suppose this could happen in the real world… but it would be done more by someone who either had strings to pull or had them pulled for her (or him).

But that was really my only problem with the book. I liked the characters, I liked the portrayal of their daily lives, and I really liked seeing Stella interact with her brother and sister.

Would recommend to anyone who enjoys a (relatively) light, quick-to-read YA novel.


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