Broken Lies – Claire Vale.

Many thanks to Book Enthusiast Promotions, via NetGalley, for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

3.5/5 stars

*Spoiler alert ahead*

Okay, I’m just gonna say it at the start: this book has some similarities with the Hunger Games trilogy.

That being said, I won’t spoil it any more for those who have not read it and wish to do so. 🙂 The similarity to the Hunger Games was something I saw coming at about 50% through the novel, although I wasn’t entirely sure how it was going to play out. And I’ll also be honest — the fact that there are similar aspects was the clincher that made this book go from a 4 star to a 3.5.

Anyway! Aside from that, I enjoyed this book. There were a few problems with UK/US adaptations, as other reviewers have mentioned, but the only one that really stuck out to me was when Lake was making a joke to herself about how a “gift from the Gods” and a “gift from the Guards” sounded exactly the same. As someone who speaks “American English,” god and guard sound totally different. EDITED: Apparently this is confusing to British readers as well, since those two words don’t necessarily sound the exact same in British English either.

But that’s a small part of the book.

I normally don’t go for “zombipocalyptic” novels, but I did enjoy Broken Lies. Lake was likable, although I felt like she was super consumed with guys (but at the same time, managed to be herself without having to “belong” either to Ash or Thomas). I didn’t particularly like anyone except for Ava in terms of Lake’s group, although I didn’t super dislike anyone either.

Ending was quick and at about 30% I had predicted that it would be a cliffhanger-esque ending… but that’s okay. I do want to read the next book in the series and granted, I do dislike it when authors use the cliffhanger endings to get readers to read their next novel… but… *sigh* What can ya do?


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