State of Grace — Hilary Badger.

Many thanks to Capstone Publishing, via NetGalley, for an opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review!


This was a unique book. Not in a bad way, but I’m still not entirely sure what to think of it. I will say that I got thoroughly irritated about halfway through it at the constant repetition of phrases that include the word “Dot.” (This, if it were to be compared to phrases in English, would be stuff like “Praise be to God” or “God’s blessing upon you,” etc. Which I’m okay with, as long as it’s not every other phrase that people utter… and that’s how it was with the “Dot phrases.”)

I didn’t really like Wren as a character. She seemed way too… okay with her idyllic existence and taken in with the whole “well I don’t remember my life prior to living in Dot’s paradise but that’s okay because I guess I didn’t have a life before here.” There was very little curiosity exhibited until about 45% through the book.

I would recommend this, but if you’re like me, you have to be in a particular mood to be able to read this novel and not get too irritated with it.

However, I enjoyed it enough that I would be willing to read other books by Hilary Badger, for sure. I loved the unique take on “Utopia” and the twists that occurred later on in the story.


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