About me!

Welcome to my blog!!  My name’s April, and I’m a Master’s level social worker who is somewhere in her late 20s.  I love to read, I love to review, and I love to write… so that all kind of comes together in this blog.  Originally I wasn’t sure what purpose this was going to serve, but over the past 2 years it’s pretty much turned into my NetGalley reviewing blog, with a few occasional other book (or writing) related posts (and sometimes just a random update about my life, but those are pretty scarce since the blog turned into more of a reviewing blog).

Here is a breakdown of what the star ratings are (to me):

5/5 stars: Excellent book, loved it, will likely reread it, may sing its praises to anyone that I happen to see.

4/5 stars: Very good book, enjoyed it very much except for a few parts, may reread (but not guaranteed), will still recommend.

3/5 stars: Kind of “meh,” not a horrible book but something about it wasn’t terribly good (and usually it’s something bigger than a few missed grammar mistakes), won’t reread, might recommend but it isn’t at the top of the “stack” of recommended books. (Although this does not mean that I am not going to recommend the author’s books, if s/he has written others that I may like better.)

2/5 stars: Not a very good book but has at least one redeeming quality about it (i.e., wonderfully original plotline, but the writing was not good enough to pull it off).  Will not reread; will not recommend.

1/5 stars: Sometimes that means it’s a DNF (did not finish) for whatever reason.  Can’t give it 0/5 stars (on Goodreads) so a 1/5 will just have to suffice. Won’t plan on finishing it (if it were a DNF, which I always state in my review), won’t reread, won’t recommend, and probably won’t seek out other books by this author unless I already own some. (Needless to say, I have only given 1/5 to maybe two books a year, if that.  It is very infrequent that books are this poorly written.)

My average rating on Goodreads (where I have rated over 600 books and reviewed over 400 of those) is 3.76. (I will try to keep this updated/current.)




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