My Reviewing Policy.

Inkspots & Tea is a project of mine, rather than a job.  However, I am currently accepting review requests (formats noted shortly) for books, to be accepted or declined at my own discretion.  I prefer e-books/e-ARCs; I read those on my Kindle (.mobi files).  I also have the ability to read e-books that are in ACSM format (Adobe Digital Editions) but would prefer a hard copy or a .mobi file rather than those.  On rare occasions I am willing to accept hard copies of the books but that is only if all other options are exhausted.

*I will do my best to respond to all offers, even ones I end up declining.

*You can get in touch with me via my Contact Me page (to be put up shortly).

*Although I do fully intend to review any book I accept, I cannot commit 100% to reviewing since sometimes life happens and I get too busy.  The one thing I do commit fully to do is blog tours; however, I don’t have the time to do very many of these per year.

*If I rate your book poorly, it does not reflect on you as the author.  It is merely my own opinion.  That being said, I do strive to find at least one or two good/positive things about books that I dislike overall.

*If I see a need to point out potentially sensitive or triggering things in a book (i.e., topics such as sexual abuse/child abuse, suicide, etc.) I will do so at the end of my review.  This does not mean that I have rated your book any lower due to the content if this warning is at the bottom of the review.  It simply means that I do not want anyone to read the book based on my recommendation, and end up reading something that was unexpectedly triggering.

*Genres that are generally my go-tos for reading:

  • Young Adult (really any genre within YA)
  • urban fantasy
  • paranormal mystery/romance (or both)
  • psychology/mental health (can be fiction, memoir, essay collections, etc.)
  • WWI and WWII history (fiction or nonfiction)
  • dystopian fiction
  • thrillers and mysteries (but no psychological suspense)
  • historical fiction
  • sci-fi
  • fantasy

*Genres that I will not read:

  • pure romance
  • most nonfiction (unless related to psychology, mental health, or WWI/WWII)

*I am also on Goodreads and am currently planning to start posting reviews on Amazon in the near future.  All of my reviews go on Goodreads (whereas mostly just reviews of ARCs end up here on Inkspots & Tea, although that may change).  I am a relatively fast reader; however, if I accept your book to be read/reviewed, I will need at least a week to read/review it, if not more.

*Comments are moderated on Inkspots & Tea.  This may change, but no promises.

I think that’s it!  If there’s anything missing, I’ll add it ASAP. 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Reviewing Policy.

  1. I’m writing to ask if you would be willing to read and review my latest novel, “Thompson Road.” The book (~80K words) is due out September 15, published by Booktrope Editions (my publicist at Booktrope is Stephanie Konat:

    This is a literary coming of age/love story set in the Pacific Northwest on the brink of World War II. The protagonists, Raleigh Starr and Mona Garrison, live six miles apart on the same country road in Thurston County, WA. Mona has what we know of today as dyslexia, although at the time it was not diagnosed as such. She was considered “slow.”

    A sweeping, coming of age love story set in the Pacific Northwest on the brink of WWII. Rejected by classmate and accomplished swing dancer Sally Springs, high school quarterback Raleigh Starr remains desperate to win her heart. While walking home on Thompson Road, Raleigh catches sight of Mona Garrison, dancing at her bedroom window. He is mesmerized. Still determined to dazzle Sally, Raleigh asks the shy sixteen year old to compete with him at the state fair swing dance contest, and she agrees. Swept up in the war, Raleigh realizes too late what Mona has always known: that they are perfect for each other… but he is unaware of the terrible price she has paid for his attention. Thompson Road is a poignant, tender story that reminds us of the power of first love.
    I have attached a JPG of the cover. I would love to send you the book in MOBI, EPUB or PDF format if you would be willing to take a look at it. (Paperback after September 15, 2015)

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Scott Wyatt

  2. I would love it if you would review my humorous cozy mystery, The Serenity Stone Murder, published by Split Tree Publishing. It’s about two intrepid middle-aged church ladies who get embroiled in trying to find out who killed the manager of the Thunder Bay Charity Casino. I am a Thunder Bay-based author of four books and my latest ms just won a publishing contract from Word Alive Press. You can find out more about me at
    If you are interested in reviewing The Serenity Stone Murder, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Marianne Jones

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