I’m still around, I promise.

Life has been super busy, you guys. In January, my husband and I and our cat and parrot moved about 600 miles away from the county where I had lived since I was in preschool. We got a gorgeous new apartment, I started working a crazy-but-amazing new job, my husband got a new job, and we adopted a dog. All within the span of two months. Things are just settling down now to the point where I’m making myself take some time to read.

(Oh, and did I mention that I’ve been pretty much constantly sick since we moved? My lungs do not agree with the new climate, even though it’s not THAT much different from where I used to live. Cough drops, cough medicine, my inhaler, tissues, Vicks VapoRub and Sudafed have become my best friends.)

Anyway, so I am getting back into reading. Slowly. Very slowly. So I’m still around, I’ll still be posting (hopefully a little less intermittently!), and I will do my best to read the books I have lined up to review! You know who you are. 🙂

One of the perks of moving from a rural area to a much more urban area is that the library here is amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the small town library where the librarians knew who I was… but I am much more pleased with the collection of (physical) books that the library here has! Also, they have a reading room with comfy chairs and big windows. I don’t think there are words to describe how happy this makes me! I love being able to go there on a weekend and curl up with a big stack of books with my iPod playing, and just lose myself in a world that someone else has created. It’s one of the most soothing things I can do.

Another interesting “change” since we moved is that I’ve become more interested in nonfiction. I’ve started reading various humor authors – from Dave Barry (I like him but he is a bit repetitive) to Joan Rivers (don’t like her, too offensive on all levels) – as well as true crime (not right before bed though) and just various other books (for example, right now I’m reading Unmentionable: A Victorian Lady’s Guide to Sex, Marriage, and Manners – it’s pretty interesting! although I already knew some of the things written about in it). I’m also reading a variety of fiction – on my Kindle app on my phone, I’m STILL working toward finishing Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (I didn’t like Gone Girl – I think because I took too long to finish it so I lost threads of the plot – but I decided to give Flynn another shot). From the library, I’m reading Let’s Get Lost by Ali Alsaid, Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume (classic! I’d never read any Judy Blume prior to earlier this year, when I finished Forever…), and Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake. And here at home, I have Fahreinheit 451 by Ray Bradbury waiting for me as well as The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton, which I’m buddy-reading with my mom. 🙂

So all is (fairly) well here. I’m happy to be posting an update; I’ve missed being more active on here.

xx April.


Update from yours truly. :)

Well, I’m back from my Extended Vacation™ and am posting once more — as is probably obvious by my earlier conglomeration of several book reviews.  I have some pretty exciting ideas for this blog in the near future… but to see if I can carry them out is going to be an entirely different thing.  It seems like I have lots of good ideas — exciting ones, even!! — for this blog, but time usually gets in the way.  Ah, such is the life of a grad student who blogs as a hobby.

I just noticed that how many followers I have now — not a huge number, but definitely more than I ever anticipated having!!  So I wanted to shout out and say thank you to all of y’all who have been following and reading my (erratic) posts.  I’ll try to be more regular in posting book reviews and Top 10 Tuesday posts, etc., and I may even trying to get back into my Throwback Thursday idea from last year, but no promises.

In other news: I can’t believe it’s almost the end of June.  My Extended Vacation™ went from 20 May until 3 June, thus interrupting summer 1’s class (Rural Social Work — it would’ve been [very] applicable to me, but thankfully summer 2’s courses sound even more interesting!!).  Starting on 7 July (a week from this coming Monday), I’ll be taking two classes during the last 6 weeks of summer — “Assessment & the DSM” and “Emotional Disturbances in Children & Youth.”

I am very excited about both of these courses, although dreading them a little — the excitement is because they’re both very much down my alley (I am very interested in the mental health aspect of social work), but the dread comes from the fact that they’re both online classes, both in 6 weeks… basically, I am mentally preparing myself for 6 weeks of torture if that’s what it takes to get through.  Hopefully it won’t be that bad, of course!! — but since they’re advanced year courses, I’m not sure how much more difficult they will be than last summer’s courses.  Probably significantly so, but I’m honestly not sure how different they can be from summer 2013’s courses… there’s only so many different avenues through which you can teach classes online.  Readings, posts on Blackboard, papers to write, videos to watch, and WebEx “classes” to attend.

Good thoughts/prayers would be welcomed as I begin the trek into the wild world of summer classes.  Many thanks to those of you who kept me in your thoughts/prayers about the Extended Vacation™ (it was The Thing that I had to do for health reasons, and it actually worked out!!).

And again, thank you for reading, following, and (hopefully!!) enjoying what you have read on this blog thus far.  If you have suggestions as to what you want to see on here in terms of anything to do with books, book reviews, author involvement, etc. — please feel free to comment!!

I don’t believe in introductions.

All my life I have written introductions to my blogs – and believe me, there have been many of them. Only a few are still active, but those that are active are dear to me, as they are my portable ways of expressing myself.


However, in this blog, instead of writing a ton about myself and my personal life, I am going to chronicle my adventures with writing, test out new styles of writing, update you all on how I am doing with my works-in-progress (WIPs), and possibly throw in a few pictures or ramblings about tea on the way.  I may also write about the books I am reading that are inspiring my articles, novels, and short stories, but I have yet to figure out if that is going to be feasible.  However, anything can go!!


So here’s to the journey!!